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Re: UPB dimmer switch (must be light almond)

> I have thanks.  They do have a variety of color samples
> (http://homeauto.com/Products/HLC/hlc.asp) including Ivory and Almond.
> trying to convince my wife that one of the two has got to be a reasonable
> match.

Are you talking about switches side-by-side on the same wall plate?  If
they're not in the same box (and not directly next to each other) then it's
really not that big a deal to have ivory on one side of a room and almond on
the other.  I have this in one room and never really notice it.  But when
they're together it's nice to have them the same.

Sometimes it's worth yanking everything in the box and replacing them with
matching switches.  I did this even in a wall plate that had a duplex switch
(two switches in a single-gang assembly).  I just got out the sawzall, cut
the old box's mount from the stud and replaced it with a four-gang box
instead of the double-gang box that was there.  The only real hassle was in
carefully repositioning the old BX cabling.  There wasn't quite enough slack
to let me put the switches exactly where I wanted in the new box.
Fortunately the BX runs up into the attic and there was enough slack to feed
a few extra inches down into the wall.  A few strong tugs on the armored
jacket gave me the extra inches needed.  When doing a rework like this
really try to use DEEP gang boxes as you often need to splice in extra leads
and, as a result, use bigger wire nuts.

Since the (soon to be) wife has a tendency to leave lights lit, I'll soon be
replacing a single-gang double-switch and outlet double-gang box in the
kitchen with a triple-gang box containing the outlet and two single-gang
controlled switches.

-Bill Kearney

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