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Re: X-10 DS10A Door/Window Sensor

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:06:32 -0700, commander_cad wrote:

> I bought three of these sensors to use with X-10 home automation only
> to find they only work with the security system.  Has anyone modified
> these to work with Homeseer or MisterHouse and the RR501 receiver?  If
> not, is there some documentation on the schematic, frequency and codes
> these sensors use?

Dave Houston did create a PIC replacement for X10 MR26A, but unfortunatly
this is not available anymore. He could probably help you on the protocol.

He did sent me a PIC, and I did wrote a misterhouse module for it.
If you own a BX24-AHT, another great piece of hardware from Dave, you
should be able to receive the code as well, note that I never test
my misterhouse BX24-AHT module with the DS10A

> I want to use these detectors to automate
a garage door, If I can these
> would really simplify how this is done.
> Thanks for the help and reply
> Clay
  Gaetan Lord - FTA - gaetan@xxxxxxx - SGI - Montreal, Canada
      "I deserve the right to be wrong"

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