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Re: X-10 DS10A Door/Window Sensor

Check out the W800RF receiver.
"The W800RF32 receives:
      All 256 house/unit code addresses
      All regular X10 RF commands (on, off, dim, brighten, etc.)
      Extended RF commands, such as those transmitted by X10's
Entertainment Anywhere remotes and X10 security modules such as the

In article <pan.2005.>,
 Linny <email@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:06:32 -0700, commander_cad wrote:
> > I bought three of these sensors to use with X-10 home automation only
> > to find they only work with the security system.  Has anyone modified
> > these to work with Homeseer or MisterHouse and the RR501 receiver?  If
> > not, is there some documentation on the schematic, frequency and codes
> > these sensors use?
> >
> Dave Houston did create a PIC replacement for X10 MR26A, but unfortunatly
> this is not available anymore. He could probably help you on the protocol.
> He did sent me a PIC, and I did wrote a misterhouse module for it.
> If you own a BX24-AHT, another great piece of hardware from Dave, you
> should be able to receive the code as well, note that I never test
> my misterhouse BX24-AHT module with the DS10A
> > I want to use these detectors to automate
> a garage door, If I can these
> > would really simplify how this is done.
> >
> > Thanks for the help and reply
> >
> > Clay
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