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Re: Window shade drawstrings.

On 8/11/2005 2:08 AM US(ET), Patrick D. Rockwell took fingers to keys,
and typed the following:

>I have 3 shades in my room. The kind that you pull down, and when you want
>to raise them,
>you have to pull them down a bit, and then ease them back up. They don't
>have any strings
>on them. Are there strings that you can clip on to them? Where can I buy
>them? The longer
>the better, as I am in a wheelchair. Thanks in advance.
I don't have any roll-up shades in my house and haven't checked them out
in a long while, but they used to have a cord attached in the center of
the wood stiffener at the bottom of the shade. There was a pull ring
attached to the bottom of the cord. If there is a wood stiffener at the
bottom of the shade, how about drilling a hole in the center and
attaching your own cord and pull ring?


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