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Re: UPB dimmer switch (must be light almond)

Bill -

Lutron announced at CES I believe, a new style RadioRA dimmer that is


wkearney99 wrote:
> "Kevin" <krynne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:taSdnZ2dnZ2BMfPNnZ2dnZL6aN-dnZ2dRVn-
>>I'm looking specifically for light almond colored UPB dimmer switches but
>>not having any luck.  Anyone know if they exist?
> The only switches that have that fine a range of color selection are those
> from Lutron's RadioRA line.  You can get danged near any color.
> Tragically, however, they don't eff'ing sell replacement fascia.  So when,
> and DO mean WHEN, you or your painter mucks one up you're faced with total
> replacement.
> Otherwise they're absolutely rock-solid in their automation functions.  Not
> cheap, but plenty of colors and THEY WORK.  After more than a decade of
> futzing around with X-10 I have to say I'm delighted with how well these
> work.
> -Bill Kearney

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