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Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 22:55:18 -0400, yustr wrote:
> And regarding a private company sending me a ticket - forget it. A
> ticket is a legal document (a notice to appear) that has to be given by
> a court (or member of that court).

You don't get a "ticket" as you've described.  You get a bill.
If not paid they send a bill collector to harass you and file
a notice with credit reporting agencies.  And the MVB won't
re-register your vehicle until it's paid.

In my state the scheme was approved by the state legislature and
declared legal in a court case.  Look for it to become popular
in most states.  Hey, aren't we all in favor of SAFETY. :-)

I understand this type of thing is common in parts of Europe.


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