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Re: UPB dimmer switch (must be light almond)

"wkearney99" <wkearney99@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Brian" wrote in message news:Wu3Ke.931
>> If you give me a list I'll beat their price  ...
> Ahem, can we keep the sales chatter down a bit?  It's one thing to add a
> little pitch here and there when answering questions in detail.  Let's
> keep
> it non-commercial here, shall we?

I understand your point, but I don't always know the best sources for buying
gear, so the sales ads do serve a purpose.

True, I do like them better when they're answering a specific question, but
still, it saves us a little time in trying to research the best deal.

Just FYI to Brian, I much prefer businesses who publish great prices to
begin with, rather than make you do a lot of work finding the best price,
and then go to them and ask for something better.  That seems just a little
disreputable to me somehow.  Not trying to be offensive or personal, just
telling you how I like to do business.


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