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Re: Ocelot software

I use the Ocelot with Homeseer but mainly for IR only. Homeseer has the
logic with scipts and events.

It seems strange to program but the Ocelot is great and rock solid.

Have you tried ADI forums>


Brian A. Dye

"Spectrum" <none@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Well, my trusty old TimeCommander has gone belly up. I ordered an
> Ocelot and I'm not happy with the software. The WinEVM that I've used
> for years seemed simple enough but the new stuff just seems tedious.
> Do I really need a separate program for each event or can they be
> stacked? Is there any way to write these and import them? Damn.
> It's not like it's complicated. I'm a Foxpro programmer. It just seems
> awkward as hell.
> I'll look into Homeseer (I think I have a copy around somewhere). I
> think that support it. Any ideas?
> John

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