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Re: xap-x10 schema question about possible mistakes in the schema

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Hi Kevin,

Of course, X10 schema is not the best and I only add to my application to
upport this old schema, but mainly I will work with the BSC schema.

I review the post from ukha, and I found that Edward Pearson uses the
ded code/data feature in this way:


but he use the command "Extended1" that is not defined in the X10
schema an=
d also the "extCmd" and "extData fields" are not
defined in the X10 schema.

I don't know if other people use the extended code and extended data and
ke a particular interpretation of the X10 schema, but It will be good for
ompatibility, if everybody uses the sames definitions and fields and
e these in the xap-x10 schema.

I found differences between the x10 protocol definition from the x10 site:

Reading this wiki I understand than the Pre-Set dim functions was used in
he past and the extendend codes replaces them. (
sing_Pre-Set_Dim), but there are devices in the market that support
dim functions.

So this is the commands old definition compared with the new definition

Extended Code -> Extended Code 1
Preset Dim 1 -> Extended Code 3
Preset Dim 2 -> Unused
Extended Data -> Extended Code 2

I suggest for best compatibility with those x10 protocol definitions, we
n use these commands in the xap-x10 schema:
- ext_data (yet defined in xap-x10 schema)
- ext_code
- preset_dim_1 (yet defined in xap-x10 schema)
- preset_dim_2 (yet defined in xap-x10 schema)
- Extended1
- Extended2
- Extended3

keeping in mind that:
- ext_data =3D Extended2
- ext_code =3D Extended1
- preset_dim1 =3D Extended3

and add these 2 fields for the message body:
- extCmd
- extData

Is possible to update the xap-x10 schema with these changes?

All the contributions from the group will be grateful.

Jose Luis

From: Kevin Hawkins=20
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 1:34 AM
To: xAP_developer@xxxxxxx=20
Subject: Re: [xAP_developer] xap-x10 schema question about possible
s in the schema

Hi Jose,

First of all,  yes I do believe that is the 'current'  X10 schema but it=
was also created many years ago when xAP was new.  Nowadays it is not a pa=
rticularly good schema design  as it includes addressing parameters within
the message body (device =3D X10 address) , a more up to date approach
d use sub addressing, but it is viable.=20=20

If you wish to use (and update) it then fine but just to let you know th=
ere has been another X10 xAP connector written that uses the xAP BSC
which is more universally understood by many xAP applications but BSC is s=
upporting only on/off/dim control.

I don't now use X10 myself so I've lost touch with the supported X10
aces and I am not sure about Extended code handling within this updated
lication - maybe this post from UKHA helps a bit ?=20

Hopefully Edward - who wrote the newer X10 connector will respond here and
clarify things a bit.

cheers Kevin

On 04/01/2011 23:24, jlgalindo wrote:=20

Hi group,

I'm trying to create a connector for my CM11 and when I'm coding the
0 schema from maybe I found a pair of mistakes in

I hope somebody in the group can help me.

The first question is:=20
Is this the latest version for the xap-x10 schema? Where can I found the
test schema?

The second question is:
The most used commands are ON, OFF, DIM, BRIGHT, ALL_LIGHTS_ON,
OFF and ALL_UNITS_OFF, but the schema also has an annotation for the other
commands defined in the X10 protocol, these are:


But there is one command defined in the X10 protocol, that is not defined
n the xap-x10 schema, this is "EXTENDED CODE". This command
appear to be si=
milar to "EXTENDED DATA" ("ext_data" in xap-x10
schema), so I assume that "=
EXTENDED CODE" may be "ext_code" in the xap-x10 schema, but
it's not define=

About extended data and extended code commands and events, there will be
cessary another field/s in the message body, because these commands has
additional bytes of data (for example data and type).

This will be an example for a xap-x10 message body from an extended

device=3DA1 (list of X10 devices)
data=3D16 (8 bit value)
type=3D1 (8 bit value)

So, if I'm right there will be necessary to:
- add ext_code to the xap-x10 schema
- define the name of the fields for the data bytes for the extended code
d extended data commands and events.

Jose Luis


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