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Re: Proposals for xAP TSC

  • Subject: Re: Proposals for xAP TSC
  • From: "Daniel Berenguer" <dberenguer@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 15:20:50 -0000

> However, I do now understand the problem with the capabilities
> since I guess as a gateway you may not know the capabilities of the
> remote network/systems.

This is exactly what I meant. Implementing functional profiles in the
gateway is something hard and useless in most cases. Treating all variables
as standard endpoints simplifies things, not only memory but procedures,
data parsing and user configuration too.

> My personal view is that the consuming
> device/controller/application should, from the class/schema, be able
to derive what the 'type' of data or control is.

I agree. This adds very little complexity to the message and provides a
good advantage in some cases.

> So, as Keven says in another mail, maybe what is required is a TSC
> or Basic TSC?

My first proposals went towards this direction I think. Or are you maybe
talking about defining a different schema?



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