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Re: Re: Proposals for xAP TSC

Maybe I've misunderstood  what you meant below Daniel but I have never
advocated superseding BSC with TSC.  I have always intended both being
used together.  What I have long advocated however is that we need,
alongside BSC, another generic schema that includes units, decimal and
negative values which are the main awkward issues in BSC.  We also need
this to become as pervasively supported as BSC.     If TSC fits the bill
then great and my push (spoiling ?) was to try and get such a schema
discussed and suitable for purpose rather than just languishing unused.
What I think we need is a schema that supports the three critical
features mentioned previously, and hopefully some niceties from the list
below, implemented in a similar way to BSC and yet optionally supporting
the extra aspects that are deemed necessary for a complete TSC schema.
It would be good to create a list of those extra features required in
TSC - setpoints etc.   If however this and TSC really are two different
schema then fine and let's get both of them sorted and adopted.


PS Here's the key BSC limitations I've come across in my own usage that
I would like to address with a new 'generic' schema which would meet the
majority of needs. However we need to be careful to not encourage people
to shoehorn more complex devices into such simplistic generic schema ,
for example an AV amplifier.

decimal values
negative values
min value*
max value*
incremental level changes  eg +10% or -15/100
choice devices eg stopplayrewindfastforwardpause

* because of the positive value restrictions these are already handled
in BSC

These are messy (but possible) to do without breaking BSC but an
enhanced version could be very similar.

On 27/04/2010 14:27, Daniel Berenguer wrote:
> There is no objection then, I surely was wrong about considering TSC
as an evolution (improvement) of BSC. Kevin's post about spoiling us
towards the switch to TSC didn't help either ;-)
> Daniel.


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