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xapax.ocx with VBScript

  • Subject: xapax.ocx with VBScript
  • From: "Taras" <tartheode@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 May 2008 20:11:20 -0000

I plan to develop a xAP driver for a home automation program
called "Premise Home Control".  Premise's native scripting
is VBScript.

I tried to use Patrick Lidstone's "xapax.ocx" with VBScript but
haven't made any progress.

The following works well in VBA (I tried it in Excel):
Public Sub test()
Dim xpx As New Xapax
MsgBox xpx.Version
End Sub
A message box pops up and displays "v.3.0 (Build 17)". OK!

I tried the following with VBScript:
set xpx = wscript.CreateObject("XAPAX.XapaxCtrl.1",
wscript.echo xpx.Version
The result is a dialog box indicating a "Catastrophic Failure" on
line 2, character 1. Not OK!

It doesn't fail at the "CreateObject" statement but when you try
use the instantiated object "Xpx".  Either I'm doing something
wrong or xapax.ocx cannot be used by VBScript (or it just doesn't
like Windows Script Host).

Any ideas where the problem lies?  Any alternate solutions that'll
work with VBScript?


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