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java xAPlib bug

Anyone still use this lib ? (

Thought I'd give my Java some oiling the trace is at the bottom.

Here's the breakpoint

this    xAPParser  (id=20)
gBlockCursor    null
gNVBlockCursor    null
iMessageItems    HashMap<K,V>  (id=33)
aNVPair    xAPNameValuePair  (id=24)
iBlock    "xAP-header"
count    10
hash    -1579644813
offset    0
value    char[11]  (id=48)
iName    "hop"
iValue    "1"
iNVPairSet    null

Heres the quick hack I'll see what the cause is.

// block must now exist, add pair
// 20070226 shaf hack : hmmm I wouldn't be too sure if I were you
//        iNVPairSet.add(aNVPair);
if (iNVPairSet != null) {

=========== Got a xAP message
Null source
Null class
firstblock = [xap-hbeat]
=========== End xAP message

[xap-header] debug[name] : v
[xap-header] debug[valu] : 12
[xap-header] debug[name] : hop
[xap-header] debug[valu] : 1
[xap-header] debug[name] : uid
[xap-header] debug[valu] : FF342300
[xap-header] debug[name] : Class
[xap-header] debug[valu] : Web.Service
[xap-header] debug[name] : Source
[xap-header] debug[valu] :
[Server.Start] debug[name] : Name
[Server.Start] debug[valu] : News
[Server.Start] debug[name] : Desc
[Server.Start] debug[valu] : News feed viewer
Exception in thread "Thread-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
at xAPlib.xAPParser.<init>(
at ListenAndParse$1.myEventOccurred(
at xAPlib.xAPNetwork.fireMyEvent(

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