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Re: Slimserver PI


xAP Floorplan is probably your best bet. It's an app like HomeSeer,
Misterhouse etc. and you can ignore pretty much all it does except an
option on the main config page where you can enable it's xpl<>xap
bridge. When on, the bridge will translate xpl messages from idratek to
xAP so it'll be able to talk to the slimserver. You can even do
scripting in there if you need to do anything clever.
Yes Framework being down is annoying but there is a mirror of all his
apps on
and work is being done on a port of the framework to .net 2.0

lexfordparc wrote:
> I have had a Squeezebox for some time and recently added the xAP
> by Ed. Works very well and seen that it works with xAP TV. I have a
> home-automation system from Idratek which supports xPL but not xPA. Is
> it fairly easy to write an interface or provide an xAP message to pass
> to the Slimserver connector?
> I am quite happy scripting but wouldn't describe myself as a
> Finally, it is quite frustrating trying to locate things with the xAP
> Framework site being unavailable
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