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Re: LCD displays - sticky messages

We had a fairly long discussion on display messages a while back. What
starts as a simple idea can rapidly become quite involved.  We ended up
with the concept that each message had an attached display time
(0-whatever) and a priority (0-99) and that the current displayed
message should be the highest priority one available lasting for its
duration (where 0 was indefinite). Any currently displayed message would
be 'suspended' when a higher priority message arrived and then resumed
for its remaining time when no higher prority message exists. This way
all messages are guaranteed to be displayed for their requested time.

The xAP SlimServer connector actually implements a multi destination
'per display' queue system honouring correctly all times requested on
each display independently. Some messages may not have been targeted at
some displays meaning that separate displays queues were supported. As
such its very sophisticated.   The 'priority' display parameter was on
the wishlist but it's a long list.  As a workaround Stuart implemented a
'punch through' or 'front of queue' type of operation that allowed a
message to suspend the current message back into the queue and
effectively force itself immediately onto a display device  - useful for
things like CallerID replacing say a temperature or email list.  I can
dig out this schema parameter if you want.    To use the 'sticky' /
permanent display feature (time=0) some form of cancelling/dismissing
such a message was needed and I have a feeling Stuart added dialog box
support and 'click' feedback into the Windows MCE version of the schema
(as well as image support), the return path of this (user clicked OK)
could be utilised for a general display till cancelled message I guess.
In a priority based system higher priority stickies should supercede
lower ones but all should stay 'sticky' until it is known they've been


g8kmh wrote:
> Before I go off down a blind alley, has anyone else considered
> extending a display schema to include a 'sticky' flag? I'm thinking
> about xAP 4x20 LCD displays or similar.
> If you consider the number of display messages that can float around
> xAP network, it would be easy for an important one to be lost - like
> the UPS tripped while you were out, etc. Having the flag set would
> ensure that after a normal message displayed for its time period, the
> sticky message would display.
> Clearly it could be achieved by an application but this feels right
> it to be in the hardware device.
> Lehane
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