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Re: Misterhouse vendor id and uid range

On Fri, 27 May 2005 20:40:51 +0100, Kevin Hawkins
<lists@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Yep - a very common choice ;-)  - I would suggest using an unusual
>middle 4 digits probably starting with A-F  eg FFB29500 or something.
>not DEAD ;-).

A fine choice. Also, BEEF ;-)

What I do is assume that nobody configures the UIDs and therefore in
the .config file I ship with every xAPplication, I assign it its own
UID that doesn't conflict with any other xFx-based xAPplication. Could
easily conflict with somebody else, but provides a reasonable default.

>Some hubs and routers (Viewer maybe) I believe use the UID
>to work so that could be pretty fundamental and some controllers may
>well monitor devices by UID rather than source address.

The xAP Message Viewer will highlight UID conflicts visually in the
xAP nodes tree on its display. It separates conflicts out by port
number IIRC, if possible. Internally it does use UIDs but also matches
on source address, and port if it's available in the message packet,
in order to get the right node.

Stuart Booth <stuart@xxxxxxx>
xAPFramework.NET - a xAP software development framework for .NET

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