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Documentation, How-to's and Project Perception

  • Subject: Documentation, How-to's and Project Perception
  • From: Stuart Poulton <stuart.poulton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 07:41:05 +0100

Hi All,

After the recent good press on the ukha_d, it has again highlighted some
of the issues facing xAP at this present time. I'll quote from Kevins
e-mail hopefully keeping in context, and include comments I've received
from others.

##### KH E-mail ####
>Good idea, though BOTH are also rather light on documentation to get
>working! ;)
Getting better though slowly..- boring job, worse than gardening or
pulling CAT5 - but we're trying !

##### Ends ####

I know we all hate doing documentation, however I think a few simple
"How-to's" complete with screenshots would aid Joe public alot.

##### KH's E-mail

>Not really - I tried using the xAP desktop recently but there seemed to
>some problems with it and I abandoned it (again).
It works really well - did you post a question to the xAP list to ask
for any help ? - always happy for any questions on that list - newbies
to nurds all welcome ! Getting newbie posts is a way to get the basic
docs in place too.

#### Ends ####

This is indeed true, although the list has been more active of late,
contributions from all are more than welcome.

#### KH's E-mail ####

Happy to talk you through this either via help on the xAP Automation
list or via MSN or Skype....   good heavens we even got MarkM up and
running that way. The list is preferred as everyone learns but it has
latency issues.   I know we should do a really 'basic' how to for all
these things. The xPL guys have a few and our docs have improved but its
just so much more fun writing the app than the docs ! xAPTel's docs are
fairly thorough though - download the zip and expand it and have  a

#### Ends ####

I appreciate that one on one support is great, is it possible if done
over MSN or a similar "chat" system to publish a log of the
"conversation" ? This would probably help others alot.

Can we publish doc's seperatly from the applications, preferably in a
format that can be read anywhere, and printed out, once in the correct
format should we have a central document repository ?

I think we also need to publish as much information as possible onto the
main xAP site, not easy, but anyone can post a story to the main site,
if you're not registered to publish then it will be held until approved
by someone that is (currently 5 people)

Just my morning ramblings.


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