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Re: Total Telematics board

Edward Pearson wrote:

> A flurry of messages recently concerning the Total Telematics single
> board computer on ukha_d.
> Looks like an ideal xAP host - but I note that it uses the same
> processor as the WebBrick so does that mean it has the same UDP issues
> that preculde it from xAP on UDP? Are the WebBrick's UDP problems
> hardware dependent or to do with the IP stack? Not sure if the stack
> is the same between the two. Mark, you maybe the most qualified to
> comment (but please keep your views on cars out of this thread!)
> Edward

The Siteplayer chip has a standard, closed-source, firmware that
implements the IP stack in firmware, only allowing access on two ports -
80 (http) and one other (number I forget, specific to them.)

As such, it can't listen for xAP requests :-(

In principle it might be possible to re-engineer the firmware, but it's
closed source, and the manufacturer has been notoriously resistant to
working with any project / manufacturer who might want to listen on
other ports :-(


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