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RE: Re: xAP OCX filtering question

  • Subject: RE: Re: xAP OCX filtering question
  • From: "Patrick Lidstone \(Personal e-mail\)" <patrick@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 11:15:42 -0000

> A little more info - it's the > matching that is failing when its
> early in the address construct so..
> target filter= acme.ocx.test
> target= acme.*.* will match
> target=acme.> will fail

^^^ should match

> target=> will fail

^^^ should match

> target=*.*.> will match
> target=acme.ocx.test:subaddress will fail

Subaddressing and targets is a bit hazy in the spec. I think you will
find that target=acme.*.*:>
Will match, and that the usual wildcard constructs can be applied after
the ":"

> are we saying target=> or target=*.> are invalid and should
> be sent as target=*.*.> I wonder ??
> and another interesting point on wildcards
> a target filter of acme.ocx.test.>  wont match against
> target=acme.ocx.test but does match against
> target=acme.ocx.test:subtwo

This is correct in the first case. The second case is a bit of a grey

> So how do you create a filter that will pass anything that starts
> with "acme.ocx.test" ?
> eg acme.ocx.test and acme.ocx.test:subaddress
>  I dont think you can :-(

Apply two filters in turn, one for the non-subbed case and one for the
subbed case?
Or tighten up the spec so that the behaviour of wild cards and sub-addrs
is rigorous!


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