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RE: xAP OCX filtering question

  • Subject: RE: xAP OCX filtering question
  • From: "Patrick Lidstone \(Personal e-mail\)" <patrick@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 11:04:06 -0000

>     A quick Q. Just using the inbuilt filtering feature in the v3 OCX
> for the first time. What I'm hoping to do is write a VB
> skeleton app for
> BSC v13 so that people can use this to quickly xAP enable a device to
> drop it into HomeSeer say
>     Having set a filter for the  target of  'acme.ocx.test'
> and turned
> the filter on then only messages targeted at acme.ocx.test make it
> through to the onMessage callback as expected. However I would have
> thought that a message targeted at acme.ocx.* or even target=>
> also make it through ? (they don't). >
>  I guess there's a distinction
> between setting a filter up for an exact match or one where
> the target
> was wildcarded.

Yes that's right.

The wildcarding sort of works both ways here, in the
> filter and/or in the target= line in the incoming message.
> It would
> seem that a way of turning a filter on for 'matches me' would be a
> useful feature in the OCX - it looks like currently I have to
> accept all
> messages and validate wildcards manually against my address in the
> current implementation. You have a set of routines within the OCX for
> exactly this already so it would be neat to use them - and
> much easier
> for new users of the OCX.

Good point, I will see what I can do about this.

> PS Did you ever add the iterate through keyname/values bit ??

Sorry, I'll look into this at the same time.


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