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Re: xAP OCX filtering question

  • Subject: Re: xAP OCX filtering question
  • From: "Kevin Hawkins" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 21:32:09 -0000

A little more info - it's the > matching that is failing when its
early in the address construct so..

target filter= acme.ocx.test

target= acme.*.* will match
target=acme.> will fail
target=> will fail
target=*.*.> will match
target=acme.ocx.test:subaddress will fail

are we saying target=> or target=*.> are invalid and should always
be sent as target=*.*.> I wonder ??

and another interesting point on wildcards

a target filter of acme.ocx.test.>  wont match against
target=acme.ocx.test but does match against

So how do you create a filter that will pass anything that starts
with "acme.ocx.test" ?

eg acme.ocx.test and acme.ocx.test:subaddress

I dont think you can :-(

The question is I guess does the .> require there be a specific
position in the hierarchy to match


--- In xAP_developer@xxxxxxx, Kevin Hawkins <lists@u...>
> Hi P,
>     A quick Q. Just using the inbuilt filtering feature in the v3
> for the first time. What I'm hoping to do is write a VB skeleton
app for
> BSC v13 so that people can use this to quickly xAP enable a device
> drop it into HomeSeer say
>     Having set a filter for the  target of  'acme.ocx.test' and
> the filter on then only messages targeted at acme.ocx.test make it
> through to the onMessage callback as expected. However I would
> thought that a message targeted at acme.ocx.* or even target=>
> also make it through ? (they don't).   I guess there's a
> between setting a filter up for an exact match or one where the
> was wildcarded.  The wildcarding sort of works both ways here, in
> filter and/or in the target= line in the incoming message.    It
> seem that a way of turning a filter on for 'matches me' would be a
> useful feature in the OCX - it looks like currently I have to
accept all
> messages and validate wildcards manually against my address in the
> current implementation. You have a set of routines within the OCX
> exactly this already so it would be neat to use them - and much
> for new users of the OCX.
>     Kevin
> PS Did you ever add the iterate through keyname/values bit ??
>     Kevin
> cc'd offlist  just in case you're not watching it currently...

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