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Re: BSC and OneWire]

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The only performance difference I have seen between the USB and Serial
ions is that the USB will hold the discrete (e.g. DS2405) outputs when the
adapter has been released from the drivers, while the DS9097U will allow
e state to decay.  This may only be with parasitic power, but this is how
have all my devices connected.  The only time this comes into play is if y=
ou run multiple adapters on the same PC and the softare needs to release
e to talk to the next.  Note that this OneWire application will drive
ple ports, but as currently configured it will not allow other
to access the one-wire drivers.  This may come into play if you try to use=
the ibutton viewer when this application is running.

There are other compatible adapters such as Link and the parallel version
f the DS9097.  There as some problems with variations from the DS9097U so
would stick to that one if you want a serial interface.

I agree that samples are the best way to get  started, but sometimes they
ome well after you have forgotten that you ordered them.  The other word
caution about dealing with Maxim-ic is that they can hit you hard for ship=
ping.  Order 3 sensors and you may get 3 packages with shipping charges on
each.  They have also changed their pricing structure in the last year to
rovide more margin for the middlemen.

I obtained my 1-wire goodies a few years ago.  Prices were around $2 per
mp or Discrete sensor and I ordered 25 of each at the time.  $10 per box
ipping.  Humidity sensors which are made from DS2438 are best obtained in
exico at AAG.  They also have nice counter modules based on the DS2423.

I have no issue with making the database key an option.  Also no issue
making the State key an option as well.
----- Original Message -----=20
From: Kevin Hawkins=20
To: xAP_developer@xxxxxxx=20
Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2004 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: [xAP_developer] BSC and OneWire]

Great stuff Michael- in fact it's going to make me go out and buy a=20
1-wire interface and some 1 wire bits ! Is there a preference between=20
the RS232 and teh USB version ?

I think it would be good for you to announce this in the main xAP=20
Automation list too - and I'll sort out some other mentions too to get=20
it known..

I wonder if we could have an option setting in the app to disable the=20
inclusion of the Database key name in the schema - Actually I was=20
thinking it would be a good thing for all developers who add their own=20
custom key value pairs into a standard schema this way to include such=20
an option. Do people agree ?


Michael McSharry wrote:

> Attached is xAPmcs1Wire.exe which is an xap interface to Dallas
> network using DS9097U (serial) DS9490 (USB) or functional
> PC adapters to the 1-wire network.  A full set of 1-wire/Ibutton=20
> devices typical of an HA environment are supported.  This includes=20
> temperature, voltage, humidity, lightning count, water flow,
> wind direction, wind speed, relays, switches, air pressure and=20
> probably some others that don't come to mind at the moment.  I'm=20
> making it available to enhance the library of BSC-compliant
> The software uses the drivers developed by the Dallas Semiconductor. =
> If not already installed on the PC then they can be downloaded from=20
> Earlier version of these drivers will also function, however some=20
> devices are not supported with the _v3 and erlier drivers.  These=20
> drivers utilize the Microsoft Jave Virtual Machine.  The JAVA VM
> need to be enabled on the PC.
> The file can be placed anywhere.  It will create a \config
> and may create a \data subfolder.  When executed it will run in the=20
> tray and a mouse click on the icon will provide selection options=20
> which include "Setup" "IO Window" and
"Exit".  The other options have=20
> been disabled as they only have meaning in the context of a system=20
> with other xap nodes that support health, redundancy management and=20
> centralized configuration management.
> The "Setup" will show a Windows GUI that I quickly put
together to=20
> provide a stand-alone user interface.  Normally this node is=20
> configured via a centralized configuration user interface.  The xap=20
> schema to support the configuration discovery and modification are=20
> still enabled, but will cause no harm.=20
> The application-layer logic of this node was extracted from an=20
> existing Homeseer plugin so some of the setup context is not obvious.
> For typical use the "Poll" button, the Metric/English units
> and the sample interval will be the only setup items of interest.
> The analog values are returned using the schema.  The=20
> discrete values are reported with xapBSC.event and set with=20
> xapBSC.cmd.  All aspects of the BSC 1.3 schema have been implemented.
> Each 1-wire device has 6 xAP UID values reserved.  This means a
> over 40 devices can be supported per instance of the application. 
> body of the BSC xap message also has a Database=3DTrue key/value as=20
> these values are intended to be recorded by the xap datacollection

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