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Re: BSC and OneWire]

Great stuff Michael- in fact it's going to make me go out and buy a
1-wire interface and some 1 wire bits ! Is there a preference between
the RS232 and teh USB version ?

I think it would be good for you to announce this in the main xAP
Automation list too - and I'll sort out some other mentions too to get
it known..

I wonder if we could have an option setting in the app to disable the
inclusion of the Database key name in the schema - Actually I was
thinking it would be a good thing for all developers who add their own
custom key value pairs into a standard schema this way to include such
an option. Do people agree ?


Michael McSharry wrote:

> Attached is xAPmcs1Wire.exe which is an xap interface to Dallas 1-wire
> network using DS9097U (serial) DS9490 (USB) or functional equivalent
> PC adapters to the 1-wire network.  A full set of 1-wire/Ibutton
> devices typical of an HA environment are supported.  This includes
> temperature, voltage, humidity, lightning count, water flow, rainfall,
> wind direction, wind speed, relays, switches, air pressure and
> probably some others that don't come to mind at the moment.  I'm
> making it available to enhance the library of BSC-compliant
> The software uses the drivers developed by the Dallas Semiconductor.
> If not already installed on the PC then they can be downloaded from
> Earlier version of these drivers will also function, however some
> devices are not supported with the _v3 and erlier drivers.  These
> drivers utilize the Microsoft Jave Virtual Machine.  The JAVA VM will
> need to be enabled on the PC.
> The file can be placed anywhere.  It will create a \config subfolder
> and may create a \data subfolder.  When executed it will run in the
> tray and a mouse click on the icon will provide selection options
> which include "Setup" "IO Window" and
"Exit".  The other options have
> been disabled as they only have meaning in the context of a system
> with other xap nodes that support health, redundancy management and
> centralized configuration management.
> The "Setup" will show a Windows GUI that I quickly put
together to
> provide a stand-alone user interface.  Normally this node is
> configured via a centralized configuration user interface.  The xap
> schema to support the configuration discovery and modification are
> still enabled, but will cause no harm.
> The application-layer logic of this node was extracted from an
> existing Homeseer plugin so some of the setup context is not obvious.
> For typical use the "Poll" button, the Metric/English units
> and the sample interval will be the only setup items of interest.
> The analog values are returned using the schema.  The
> discrete values are reported with xapBSC.event and set with
> xapBSC.cmd.  All aspects of the BSC 1.3 schema have been implemented.
> Each 1-wire device has 6 xAP UID values reserved.  This means a little
> over 40 devices can be supported per instance of the application.  The
> body of the BSC xap message also has a Database=True key/value as
> these values are intended to be recorded by the xap datacollection

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