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Re: Anyone able to reach

> Welcome, nice to have you back :-)

Thanks, Kevin!

> Nope you're not the only one with these problems we have had a number
> of  people over the last few days suffering the same, and some IRC
> on this issue

Well, yes, I noticed something had changed - now I do actually get the
site, but it has the SuSE default web page on it...

> Ideally we might try and centralise all our xAp files
> thsi way which I know people have asked for , but it causes other
> for the maintainers.   The mi4 and xAPFramework sites are pretty
> dependable it seems - thank you RH.

How about just getting a sourceforge page?

> Meanwhile Johan I might have some local copies - or James might of
> things you are after - was it anything inparticular ?  Unfortunately I
> am not Linux based so I didnt download too much.

Well, to start with, I think I need the linux hub and the X10 stuff, but
I can wait, and meanwhile work on my own state machine stuff. But thanks!!


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