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Re: Anyone able to reach

Hi Johan,

Welcome, nice to have you back :-)

Nope you're not the only one with these problems we have had a number
of  people over the last few days suffering the same, and some IRC grief
on this issue,  I am hoping P is watching this thread so he may kick his
server (preferably into the bin !) .  We have been talking about
mirroring this on another site so that these files remain available but
a lot of the links on the original site still need fixing  eg the Python
and PIC ones.  Ideally we might try and centralise all our xAp files
thsi way which I know people have asked for , but it causes other issues
for the maintainers.   The mi4 and xAPFramework sites are pretty
dependable it seems - thank you RH.

P if you do read this can we do something about the mirroring (pretty
please) -  Stuart P has offered space on the xAP Auto site even if that
is only an interim solution.  I know that people are chasing the * stuff
too...  - I know it's very impressive running a web server on a toaster
but  it does frequently jam ;-)

Meanwhile Johan I might have some local copies - or James might of
things you are after - was it anything inparticular ?  Unfortunately I
am not Linux based so I didnt download too much.


cc Patrick personal email

Johan Helsingius wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>Finally able to continue work on my xAP stuff. I would like to get up
>date on the linux-based stuff, but most of it seems to be on Patrick's
>site, and I've been unable to get anything from that address for the
>last 3 or 4 days despite numerous retries. I either get timeouts or
>document contains no data". Am I the only one with this problem?
>	Julf
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