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Introduction and request for help

  • Subject: Introduction and request for help
  • From: "turner228" <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 21:53:52 -0000


My name is Kevin Turner
I have been dabbling with writing an application using VB, Patricks
ocx and the BSC schema to use the 8 bits of a PC's parallel port for

So far I have it
controlling the bits individually
sending heartbeats
sending info messages
sending event messages
responding to cmd messages
supports pretty names
with a local control panel
tested on lpt1 (it should work on lpt3 & lpt 3 as well)
tested on XP SP1 and Win2000

Still to do
respond to query messages
handle more than one command per message
respond to wildcards in messages
allow inputs to be mixed in with the outputs

I need some help:-
Does it work on Win98?
Does it work on lpt2 & 3?
Have I interpreted the bsc spec properly?
and are the messages correctly formatted?

Anyone willing to try it out?

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