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Re: Re: Hardware thing names

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David Buckley wrote:

>--- In xAP_developer@xxxxxxx, Kevin Hawkins <lists@u...> wrote:
>>[lots of good stuff]
>I'm gonna print that out and add it to the BSC spec!
>On a related topic, a while ago you were threatening to knock up some
>BSC dummy devices in VB6, did that ever happen?  I could do with
>somethinbg of someone elses I can rely on to generate and receive
>correct messages and behave correctly....
I do have a working BSC skeleton app but it will take a couple of weeks
yet to knock it into a more formal (structured) shape as something
people can use sensibly plus I have to remove all the silly comments and
replace them with useful things.  It does however already handle the
complete BSC v13 spec including target wildcarding constructs etc.  I
guess I copuld could quite easily make a BSC example app using it and
create a few buttons and display output devices if that would help - or
I could send you the existing source and you could adapt it from there
(bear in mind I am not a professional programmer so it'll be
embarrasingly brute force stuff). Its in VB6.

If you use xAP Desktop then the BSC faders are good example of BSC level
devices and have realtime moving level indicators based on the BSC event
feedback. . There are a couple of other examples in xAP Desktop of
widgets employing BSC eg from KevinT  - and I think Edward knocked up
some too. I agree though that a nice example of 3 inputs (one of each
type) and 3 outputs would be useful- I'll take  a look and see if I can
knock something up this w/e.


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