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Re: Questions...

  • Subject: Re: Questions...
  • From: Patrick Lidstone
  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 10:27:00 +0000

--- In <a
"mark_harrison_uk2" <mph@a...>
> Stuart,
> I know that you raised this (the question of generic display
> a few months ago and there wasn't really any reaction.
> Can I suggest that you write up what you think should be
the "display
> schema" and post it here... then we'll give it a couple of days
> people to see.
> A "priority" flag might be an idea here, with a general
> that, say:
> - priority=1 .... sufficient to send an SMS
> - priority=2 .... sufficient to override current displays
> - priority=3 .... general information

This is a bad idea because *you* as the programmer are making
assumptions about the fact that *I* as an end user might deem a
particular event as being high priority.

As I see it, the way to notify critical events is by deriving from a
standard alerts class (which we don't have), and simply retaining a
source address.

If an application is to send stuff explicitly to a display, then (a)
it should use targeted addressing, (b) it should use the display
schema and (c) it should be possible for the end user to configure
from a GUI within the app what is sent to the display.

This all allows for two modes of operation:
Scenario 1: I program my SMS sender to intercept alert class messages
from a specific device, because that's what *I* as the end user want
to do


Scenario 2: I configure the sending application to send targeted
messages to a specific device using a nominated schema because that's
what *I* want to do as an end user.

In both cases the end user retains control over what is perceived as
critical and what is not. Personally, if I'd like to see Jame's app
support both.


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