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Re: Questions...

  • Subject: Re: Questions...
  • From: JamesTraynor
  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 23:21:00 +0000

I think the problem seems to be what should be in the message and what
the connector should do or be configured to do . Take this simple
message and rough example of what follows
A slimp3 knows it can only display 2 lines of text, so it knows it has
to display 1 and 2, wait, then 3 and 4 and so on. It also should know
what priority level it shoud display for i.e >2
A Tivo knows it can display 5 lines. It knows it should display at a
certain point on the screen. It knows that the priority changes the
colour based on some set table.
An sms connector knows you are out of the house. It knows it will only
send priority 5+ messages.
A mysql databae connector logs the message as usual, but knows
priority 5+ messages should be displayed in big red text on your
intranet so marks the message accordingly. The CMS now picks this up
As far as I can see a message is a message, it is either a whisper or
a shout, but nothing more. It should be up to the device to know
how/where/if to display it. After all xAP is a distributed
intelligence protocol so surely this is how it should be.

If I make an app that has to display messages I couldn't possibly make
it have tivo/slimp3/rio/palm remote/new unknown device extensions to
make it work for everyone and for every device. I really think
simplicity is the key for most things.


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