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Re: Re: Questions...

  • Subject: Re: Re: Questions...
  • From: Stuart Booth
  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 22:44:00 +0000

On Wed, 28 May 2003 21:26:09 -0000, "mark_harrison_uk2"

>I know that you raised this (the question of generic display schemas)
>a few months ago and there wasn't really any reaction.
>Can I suggest that you write up what you think should be the
>schema" and post it here... then we'll give it a couple of days
>people to see.

How about doing something (more?) with your suggestion, James??? I'm
drowning a bit over here, so I'll not look at this until at least
after the w/e I think.

I'm gagging to try your weather and news feed apps, as well as
Patrick's POP3 connector now... I'll be playing for a bit yet I

>A "priority" flag might be an idea here, with a general
>that, say:
>- priority=1 .... sufficient to send an SMS
>- priority=2 .... sufficient to override current displays
>- priority=3 .... general information

Patrick made the point that a low-end device might not have the
processing power to cope with such fields, but I figured that other
software applications could queue the display message, allowing
temporary overlays if a higher priority/shorter display item came in

I might add a Verbose priority option (4) to that list above as some
displays you might want to see EVERYTHING, and others might want just
general (useful) information and above.

Stuart Booth - a reusable xAP framework for .net

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