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Re: Questions...

  • Subject: Re: Questions...
  • From: mark_harrison_uk2
  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 22:26:00 +0000


I know that you raised this (the question of generic display schemas)
a few months ago and there wasn't really any reaction.

Can I suggest that you write up what you think should be the "display
schema" and post it here... then we'll give it a couple of days for
people to see.

A "priority" flag might be an idea here, with a general guideline
that, say:

- priority=1 .... sufficient to send an SMS
- priority=2 .... sufficient to override current displays
- priority=3 .... general information



--- In <a
Stuart Booth <lists@s...> wrote:
> On Wed, 28 May 2003 19:55:02 -0000, "JamesTraynor"
> wrote:
> >Things like the display message exist but seem to be very specific
> >like Stuart's slimp3 connector but should we be looking for a
> >like:
> >class=display.message
> >messgae
> >{
> >message=Server has blown up
> >Priority=high
> >}
> >Very simple very protable and realistically all the functions you
> >need. Add a target if needed, add more options if needed but
> >they might get ignored.
> That sounds very useful to me! At the moment some of my apps are
> generating both TiVo and SliMP3 OSD messages. A generic display
> message would be a useful 'base class' for those.
> They can add secondary lines (in the case of SliMP3) or coordinates
> (for TiVo) to the base message.
> I suppose a similar effect is achieved through further message
> but that's a bit vague and ambiguous.
> >It seems we are ending up with many very well thought out but very
> >specific schemas, would now be a good time get some of these
> >set out...
> >or am talking rubish?
> No! I think we're all beginning to think much the same (witness
> Kevin's recent post on the Level idea) now that we have some real
> xAP experience. I certainly tried to make the xAP-Audio stuff
> reasonably generic, adding SliMP3 specific stuff later, but so far
> I've only trialed it out on a SliMP3.
> More thoughts later. I just got myself ADSL enabled today, my office
> is an absolute *tip* (I had to dismantle a number of things) and I'm
> rebuilding/reinstalling my Server post ADSL activation - I hadn't
> realised how much effort is involved in moving ISPs. But I am
> forward to trying some of your xAPplications, James!
> Stuart
> --
> Stuart Booth
> - a reusable xAP framework for .net
> <a href="";></a>

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