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Topic 1: Base Level Status Schema

  • Subject: Topic 1: Base Level Status Schema
  • From: Kevin Hawkins
  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 18:15:00 +0000

This is a thread to discuss the definition of a base level schema for
minimalist / legacy type HA devices.

As I see it most existing HA controllers (hardware or software) are
based around making logical decisions in their programmatic actions based
examining an internally maintained state table for a device. The prevalence
of X10 has created a typical ON/OFF/LEVEL model for this. For xAP to be
retrofitted in to existing controller applications and devices it would
sensible that we define a base level that supports fundamental state
information for basic devices allowing logical decisions to be made within
the existing macro language of the device.

To start the ball rolling I have the following STATE suggestions

ON  OFF  UNKNOWN  NA (not applicable)

And also for LEVEL expressed as a percentage eg 20% 88.3% or again UNKNOWN
or NA



I actually struggle to see what more information is generic enough
to be included.

We must also address the issue of a Status response from a xAPp that
has several outputs - which should, if it adheres to the spec contain
several hardware sub addresses and also alter it's UID for each separate
end point (or terminal). It's clear that if we target a specific output end
point (which currently is only possible via addressing not UID) then a
status response relates directly to one terminal and the above scenario
works - what should happen when a status request is sent to the xAP itself
one that may have several I/O ports that it services. Clearly I think the
device should respond with the state of all of it's inputs and outputs but
should it do this with one body or should it split each into a separate
somehow identified through the header or perhaps issue multiple xAP
one for each I/O ?? This has a ramification on how tidy and basic we can
make a basic status schema.


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