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RE: Re: Should we support XPL bridging?

  • Subject: RE: Re: Should we support XPL bridging?
  • From: Ian B
  • Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 10:16:00 +0000

>Fair comment. I guess it really comes down to time & effort.
>one thing in favour of a gateway based approach - code only has to be
>written once, instead of the duplication of effort involved in doing
>what is effectively pretty much the same thing twice.

True enough. For most applications there is no doubt the gateway idea is
more practical. For a minority of others native is the way to go. I would
like to see a gateway exist myself and if I could use that rather than
spending the time and effort coding xPL so much the better.

It may be this is one of the apps that would be better off speaking it
natively, I have not really sat down and thought it through yet. I am still
fighting with my new JTAG on chip debugger and getting more than a little

p.s. the PCB's for the IO board came through and are gorgeous. I am
the first one today.


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