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Re: Should we support XPL bridging?

  • Subject: Re: Should we support XPL bridging?
  • From: Patrick Lidstone
  • Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 10:05:00 +0000

--- In <a
"Ian B" <Ian@M...> wrote:
> A couple of the guys asked me if I would be supporting xPL natively
on my IO
> controller. Since I have not been directly involved in the toing,
froing and
> bad feeling around this I saw no reason not to. There is also the
> that if I sell more boards it is more money to put into the next
project. As
> with Keith (and others) this has to be considered.
> Finally, being a software addition there is no additional
production costs
> so it can be added at almost any time.

Fair comment. I guess it really comes down to time &amp; effort. That's
one thing in favour of a gateway based approach - code only has to be
written once, instead of the duplication of effort involved in doing
what is effectively pretty much the same thing twice.


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