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Re: Class Inheritance

  • Subject: Re: Class Inheritance
  • From: Patrick Lidstone
  • Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 09:17:00 +0000

--- In <a
Stuart Booth <lists@s...> wrote:
> On Wed, 21 May 2003 13:53:38 +0100, "Kevin Hawkins"
> <lists@u...> wrote:
> >Topic 1: A base level 'Status' schema that provides for
> >essential state reporting for the typical devices that are
prevalent today
> >in the HA world. ON OFF LEVEL etc
> >
> >Topic 2: Discussion around inheritance of classes - for
example if
> >the above Class was defined as XAPSTATUS then should xAPStatus.C-
Bus inherit
> >from xAPSTATUS and further should xAPStatus.C-Bus.Lighting enforce
> >inheritance from the C-Bus class.
> Gosh, you know, that strikes me as being really near now you mention
> it. I started wondering how you'd specify the 'base' class, but it's
> already there, in the type name, isn't it.
> xAP-Audio.Transport
> xAP-Audio.Transport.SliMP3
> I could chuck away a separate class I suggested in the xAP-Audio
> schema, that of SliMP3.Transport (although back then I was under the
> impression that Classes had to be Class.Type formatted - you
> subsequently drew my attention to the fact that a.b.c.d etc is
> If I send a message with a Class=xAP-Audio.Transport can I include a
> xAP-Audio.Transport.SliMP3 message block in the body of the
message? I
> am inclined to say no.
> If I specify a Class=xAP-Audio.Transport.SliMP3 I should expect any
> block from any of the parent classes.

All this seems eminently sensible, and we've enough real world
experience of writing apps to know that it should work.

A couple of potential spanners in the works:

- What about polymorphism? (For those that don't have a CS
background, polymorphism is, roughly speaking, the ability to
redefine an attribute in a derived class. For example,
audio.transport might have the concept of vol=10 on a 0-10 scale
whereas the derived class audio.transport.merdian might redefine the
concept of vol to be measured in db).

- What about multiple inheritance? (Where a new class is derived by
combining two base classes, not simply by extending one base class).

I haven't thought this through at length, but my first take on this

- For polymorphism: Just don't allow it.

- For MI: Can this be done through multiple message bodies, where the
message body reflects base classes? I think this might actually be
quite neat.

E.g. A multifunction device with a cd player and amp could
encapsulate a base class from xap.transport and in the same
message by using multiple blocks.



Obviously the base classes could be extended if required to allow for and derivatives, each
inheriting from the respective base classes.

Am I barking mad, or is this actually a very cunning scheme? There
has to be flaw, it's all too tidy!


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