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Providing policy around messages (was Re: Feedback from UHKA 2003)

  • Subject: Providing policy around messages (was Re: Feedback from UHKA 2003)
  • From: Patrick Lidstone
  • Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 10:38:00 +0000

> If I've interpret you correctly then I've already been doing
> like this for a good while now - taking a pre-defined xAP schema and
> implementing it as a series of (optional) classes built into the
> which can then be dropped into any message body.
> This is why I've been quite keen on getting the various schemas I'm
> using defined recently. I can then encapsulate them in my framework.
> I've found it makes writing a xAPplication extremely easy, and I'll
> continue to encapsulate new schemas that we invent in future too.
> Or am I off-piste on your original comment?

No, you're not off-piste, I'm just behind you software wise!

So, taking the idea one step further - can you/do you provide some
kind of "schema import" facility in your framework? If that
interoperated with http/xml/a.n.other tcp based protocol, we could
then provide developers with a global schema repository, they upload
the schema they want to use into their app, write a couple of lines
of code to plug in the values they want to send/recieve and away they
go, xAP done.



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