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Re: xAPplications - what''s avaialble...

  • Subject: Re: xAPplications - what''s avaialble...
  • From: Stuart Booth
  • Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 00:01:00 +0000

What's next on my list?

1) De-coupling of xAP business logic from the actual application. See
also #2.

I've been a bit distracted with some other things lately so I haven't
quite completed this. My SliMP3 connector is the first example of
this, at least partially, but you wouldn't know it as it's just an
idea in my head at the moment really.

2) Application wrapper around xAP business logic - this will enable me
to provide 'standard' xAPFramework executables with a simple engine
driven by customisable xAP logic modules (SliMP3, CID, etc etc). GUI,
Console or Service based applications from one xAP messaging module
will make applications a lot easier to create and deploy in exactly
the environment I (or some other user) have in mind. There will be
substantial code and memory savings too.

This is definitely only a design/goal in my head at the moment.

3) Particular focus on (at long bloody last!) a GUI for my
xAPplications, something I feel they sorely lack. A console mode
application is a snap to write, letting me focus on the core of it,
but it's stunningly UNimpressive at the same time!!

4) Fix my Meteor application. The first .net code I wrote, and needs
some revisiting.

5) SliMP3 targetted application to send out SliMP3 events as xAP
messages once a "listen 1" command is issued. I've only been
thinking about this as it's less important to me than the above.

6) Extend xAP WHA schema support to my Exstreamer.

7) X10 schema wrapper for inclusion with my software.

8) Documentation! Whilst all my apps have some dox included with them,
my xAP framework code is appallingly under documented.

9) TextToSpeech - not really sure about this yet. Have Natural Voices.
Wish to use them! See also #12.

10) Digiguide integration.

11) Outlook/Address book integration

12) User customisable OSD message templates to vastly improve on my
extremely noddy OSD apps that I currently have.

13) Some kind of MP3 playback logging. I want to keep track of the
sorts of things I'm listening to each month and produce a little
report for my own interest. Monthly, Annual, Cumulative reports would
be fun too... ;-)

14) Really pleasant to use installers for my applications to make an
actual xAP product suite installation possible for an end-user.

15) Doorbell to xAP integration...

16) UPS status to xAP messages.

Phew. That's about all I can think of that is on my ToDo list at the
moment! As you can see I don't want a whole lot...

Stuart Booth - a reusable xAP framework for .net

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