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Re: xAPplications - what''s avaialble...

  • Subject: Re: xAPplications - what''s avaialble...
  • From: JamesTraynor
  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 22:34:00 +0000


xAP Weather
Collects METAR weather station info from the net and formats it in to
a xAP message. Similar to kWeather but on windows and xAPped

xAP News
RSS/RDF News collector, provides both a regular top 5 stories message
and an alert message when the top story changes

xAP Mysql
Not Released - but within a week for beta
Caches all xAP messages and keeps a history of the last 10 occurences.
It also logs, when selected, particlar messages like cid.incoming.
Using it's contact table it will look up CID numbers and broadcast
full details of the caller.
Initally started making blocks/modules for phpnuke to display data but
switched to xoops as it was a better framework. So it makes a nice
link between xAP and web.

Palm Remote
Software Final - Hardware under construction!
Software Free - Hardware around 100 inc Palm 3/V
Uses a Palm as a remote touchscreen control/display. Palm is connected
via serial to the interface and the to a TCP network. A windows based
server controls everything. The server gets all its data from xAP and
the main action on putton pushes are xAP messages, although it will do
command line, DDE, UDP, HTTP as well. Basic idea is a simple cheap
remote unit.



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