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RE: Feedback from UHKA 2003

  • Subject: RE: Feedback from UHKA 2003
  • From: Stuart Poulton
  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 15:17:00 +0000

> What I did learn is that a few people had tried and failed to get
> the existing xAP applications all working together - and had been too
shy to
> say so. I also had a rather tricky issue with some incorrect Ethernet
> interfaces being identified and used by xAP so I think we need to
> that all the current aps and hubs work interchangeably without problem
> across various platforms and that in machines that do present this
> issue it is handled too. I see on this list that Bruce posted about
> problem a while back with the MisterHouse announcement.

I've seen this too, a couple of ideas leap to mind here.

1) Is the verification of xAP Applications.
2) Support for verified apps.

Obviously the second being more down to the develeper of the application.

Perhaps offering some support for bug tracking.

> Having some xAP hardware available too will be great - although I
> was a little taken aback by some of the things Mark talked about -
sort of
> felt a little 'uninformed'. I have to say Mark did a really cracking
> presentation and it certainly raised the bar and the professional
image of
> xAP no end - well done Mark. We also had a great demo that 'enticed'
> with its simpilicity/complexity - what I mean is Patrick demonstrated
> technically a very complicated solution that was implemented with such
> apparent simplicity - which has to be a great sell to anyone.

With this in mind, it's now possible to offer more from the website. The general feeling amongst users in the past
has been that the current site is very developer focused. I'm about to
start work on a more consumer oriented site, and for this would appreciate
any input you can provide, or feature that you would like the website to
have, ideas are as follow and in no order of priority

1) Wishlist (What people want from xAP, sounds like Patrick's got a
list already)
2) Comming soon (Speaks for itself, but giving people a teaser of whats on
the horizon often helps to maintain interest)
3) How-To's (The simpler the better, perhaps worked examples using
current apps)



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