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Re: xAP forum on Automated Home

  • Subject: Re: xAP forum on Automated Home
  • From: Neilw <neilw@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2013 12:00:43 +1100
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Wrightson.</div></div> <br>Kevin Hawkins
&lt;yahoogroupskh@xxxxxxx&gt; wrote:<br><span

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<p>For those preferring a forum rather than the Yahoo group format
then <br>
just a reminder we have one on the Automated Home website.<br>
There are a lot of xAP forums dispersed around the Internet which makes
things difficult to track down sometimes, but this one is the <br>
recommended one for general posts.<br>
<a href="";></a><br>
Lehane is making some good progress with xAP on Raspberry Pi that he has
been posting about there.  (hub, SMS and XBMC)<br>


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settings via the Web</a> (Yahoo! ID required) <br>
Change settings via email: <a href="mailto:xap_automation-digest@xxxxxxx?subject=Email
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