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One way BSC ?

  I've noticed a couple of  xAP devices /applications appearing that
implementing BSC as senders only , either just being lazy or because
they have no receive capability and hence can not respond to a
xapbsc.query or xapbsc.cmd.   These report their input states using / xAPBSC.event  as it is so pervasively supported.

Some of these are of necessity senders only as they are bridging from
another schema or even protocol,  for example xPL, which lacks support
for UID's ,  sub addressing and the wildcard constructs xAP BSC uses.
Some applications with inbuilt bridging implement  this mapping using a
1 way BSC.

My immediate reaction was that such '1-way' devices don't meet the BSC
specification and hence must not use BSC - i.e. BSC if implemented must
be bidirectional.  I looked up the BSC spec and it reads that all 4
schema classes should be implemented.  How do others feel ?  Maybe we
should allow (identify) an inputs only  '1 way' version of BSC somehow ?


PS  For those wanting a good solution HouseBot allows creating virtual
xAP BSC endpoints and also  bridging schema as it maintains a true
bidirectional endpoint and can be scripted to schema translate.


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