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Re: xfx-Express code example ?

I'll get you a better example as soon as I can but you will have to
at least one week as I am on vacation from tomorrow.

xFx-Express hasn't actually been released yet (I can guess where you got
it from!) so hence the lack of examples.
The xAPMessageBuilder classes have been heavily revised recently and
will be quite different in the next beta version which will be out in
about two weeks.

On 17/01/2010 23:01, magnus.zetterlund wrote:
> Hello
> I'am trying to do some coding with xFx-Express v2 and looking for
example code. I would prefere samples in VB.NET but C# is ok. I have
managed to create a simple lister, a filtered listener and a basic
transmitter. My problem is to build a more complex message with version 1.3
UID and Source and more than 1 block of data. I dont understand the object
> Anyone?
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