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Re: Re: Has anyone integrate xap with DL05 PLC from automation direct.


Just in case you missed it there are two Asterisk xAP conduits.
Patricks' original one

- plus one that Gregg wrote that, although I don't myself use it, I
believe is pretty fully featured....  It's available at

Cheers Kevin

Daniel Berenguer wrote:
> Hi José,
> AFAIK DL05 has a Modbus RTU (RS485) interface that can work in slave
> mode. As Kevin pointed, opn-mbs can be connect to any Modbus RTU
> network and work as master. It has nice programming capabilities (time
> and logic events) through the web-enabled Event Manager, it can work
> at different serial speeds and can read/write any value compliant with
> the Modbus RTU protocol. Finally, opn-mbs acts as xAP BSC gateway.
> <>
> opn-mbs also provides a couple of features that let the Modbus network
> be controlled from Internet:
> - Through the embedded web server (Endpoint Manager)
> - Through the new XML Opnode Remote protocol so that you can poll/push
> values from any Remote TCP server. This feature has being specially
> designed for Energy Management Web Portals.
> opn-mbs is just going to be beta-tested at this moment and the final
> release is being prepared for this summer. If you decide to do the
> integration with Asterisk via xAP, this could be your best way IMHO.
> Good luck with your project,
> Daniel.


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