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Re: Has anyone integrate xap with DL05 PLC from automation direct.

Hi Jose,

I haven't seen these units before but they look interesting at the
price they are offered, however I don't think anyone has written a xAP
interface for them.     There is a similar product from Barix - called
the Barionet that does have embedded xAP available but it is more

There is also a new Modbus xAP controller available from uSapiens/OPNode
- I am not sure if this would in any way help your interfacing to the
DL05 but take a look...  Daniel who developed these is based in Spain
which might be helpful to you too ?


Jose sanchez wrote:
> I am trying to integrate xap protocol with asterisk or one of his
> flavors and DL05 (PLC) from automation direct.
> There is a sdk from this a free open source software that
> manage HO-ECOM (module to conect dlo5 to ethernet) They give me the
> source code.
> If I found the way to integrate Xap protocol and SDK protocol I can
> control lights, air conditioner that are conected to the PLC from
> asterisk.
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