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RE: Re: xAP vs. xPL: Differences, Benefits

Yes, I agree - it's really down to which apps you need - no reason not
to run both!

For me it was killer apps like switchboard and Kevin H's CBus-HomVision-xAP
hardware gateway that sold me on xAP :)


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> Sent: 08 June 2009 21:15
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> Subject: [xap_automation] Re: xAP vs. xPL: Differences, Benefits
> Hi Brian
> I am not sure that describing xPL and xAP as feuding is particularly
> relevant to the current position. Certainly it is true that there were
> disagreements many years ago when xAP first started, and some went
> their own way but I am not aware of any 'feuding' going on now.
> However all this was long before I got involved in using and
> my own applications. My decision on choosing xAP was not based on any
> philosophical approach to home automation but was based on the fit of
> the then available xAP applications to my needs, and availablity of
> tools and information that I needed to create my own to fill the gaps.
> Since that time a wide range of xAP applications and hardware have
> become available and a number of other applications have included xAP
> support  as well. xAP Floorplan even provides a bridge to xPL....
> Kevin T
> --- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, "brian.michel"
> <brian.michel@...> wrote:
> >
> > Hey all,
> >  I currently want to start my own home automation environment,
> have found the two feuding protocols, xAP and xPL. I'm trying to
> which one to go with, however they are both extremely similar. I do
> know that xPL forked from the xAP code, but I cannot find out why, and
> what differs between the two protocols. Is one better than the other,
> do they provide the same things? They seem to almost be identical, but
> I'm having a hard time locating exactly where the differences lie. Any
> information would be appreciated so I can get this project going!
> Thanks!
> >
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