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xMonitor test release

  • Subject: xMonitor test release
  • From: "JamesTraynor" <james.traynor@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 21:08:30 -0000

A new app to play with. The initial reason for xMonitor was to monitor
other xAP devices and to report via BSC and optionally display messages. I
then thought I would use the app to demo the use of the xAPIntranet control
and ajax, in particular jquery.
The web part of the app now features

* A simple live event log updated by ajax polling
* A home screen showing all devices including source,class,uid,port and
version. This is displayed using tablesorter which gives a nice client side
sortable table
* Submitting forms by POST as well as GET
* Message viewer. Shows a live view of incoming messages. You can filter
the view down by selecting from a tree of devices ( treeeview +
treeview-async). You can then either view live messages from a device, or
review a particular message and resend it or tweak it before resending (

vb6 source code is included. Hopefully this will give some examples or
ideas for new apps, whilst being quite a useful app in its own right.

The app is all rather new so there might be bugs and the code will get
tidied up for later releases, and will come with a full installer.



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