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RE: RE: example xAP apps and docs?

Thanks K,

>    Are you after a standard or an  xFX based .Net application ?    Not
>too many people here code in VB.Net they tend to be C# or VB6 but I do
>know of two such applications.

Not really sure yet - depends which is easiest (or best) to use - without
knowing much about the coding side of each, I have no way of telling
really. As you know, I settled on as I have it as part of the MS
action pack and it seemed a logical choice to go with the newer version
rather than get into VB6 and then have to convert over to at a later
stage. So far (and very early days still), it seems really logical pretty
comfortable to get to grips with - but as I said it's very early days!

>     Also - writing a xAP application with or without xFX is perhaps
>an ideal new to VB / starter project - but if you do like a challenge

Sure do - but again, before I explore more (and examine an existing app if
there's the chance), I won't know how much of a challenge it would be!

Are there any docs for the VB6 based xAP framework - that may at least give
me an idea of how much code is needed and the complexity, even if xFx is
reasonably different???




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