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Re: XapCurrentCost - where can I download this ?

  • Subject: Re: XapCurrentCost - where can I download this ?
  • From: "turner228" <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 19:44:21 -0000

Hi All - I have been away a couple of days

To clarify

My xAPCurrentCost connector application is in beta and under development at
the moment. It is not yet freely available for download

A number of xAP users have got versions of it on the basis that it is a
beta and they provide feedback on problems and also make future requests.

So far the feedback on stability is good with some requests for increased
functionality, the latest of which was Pachube support which James has
refered to.

The principle missing feature that I am currently working on is the
addition of  the retreval of historic data for the CurrentCost 128 device.
This is significantly different to both the CC Classic devices.

Screen dumps of the connector can be viewed here

The link James posted to the Pachube site was an outline of  some of the
work I did to enable pachube support in the connector.

The link to the zip of VB6 source was a test application I created to work
out how to communicate with Pachube and is not a xAP application. It is
offered as an example to anyone wishing to use VB6 to create pachube feeds.

On the way to adding pachube support to the xAPCC app, I created a link
connector for my Weather Station which sends out weather schema messages so
that the data is transmitted to pachube for graphing. This was more of a
demonstration than anything, but it will also create pachube feeds for any
weather schema source like the mi4 Weather app

You can see what this looks like here

Ian - I will contact you off list about beta testing


Kevin T

--- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, "Ian_Tickle" <ian@...>
> Forgive me if I've missed this - but does anybody know where I can
download this application?
> I've looked on Kevin's website but it redirects me to and I
can't see it on there either.
> If anyone can forward me the link to this program, I would be much
> Ian Tickle


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