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Re: {Disarmed} Re: xAP, Sonos and CurrentCost

Kevin Hawkins wrote:

> Nope - but there is the tools to make one should you wish ;-) There is
> an excellent VB script component from Osler that you could use that
> handles all the UPnP stuff that you could layer the xAP-audio schema
> top of..

Thanks - I've not seen Housebot so I'll do some research.

>> Also, I've emailed Kevin several times about this xAPPower
>> for the CurrentCost device but he seems to have gone AWOL -I'd
love to
>> get this integrated with Cortex also to record engergy usage.

> I have responded to you on this Neil - xAPPower is an application I
> nearly finished but the other Kevin (Kevin T) announced he was also to
> release a xAP application for Current Cost so I shelved mine. It's not
> currently available although anyone is welcome to the code I had
> produced so far.

I did actually mean KevinT..he's now replied that he's out of the
country so will hopefully get back to me on his return.

> I don't believe KevinT's app simulates pulse output which you
> would need for Cortex however :-(

I doesnt need to - I asked Idratek to add a "direct power" input
connector to the meter object which you could pass the current power
usage as a value. This is now present in the current Cortex release.




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