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xAP, Sonos and CurrentCost

  • Subject: xAP, Sonos and CurrentCost
  • From: Neil Spellings <lists2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 17:36:58 +0100


New to the xAP group - hi everyone!. I've been doing some work getting
xAP integrated with my IDRATEK Cortex home automation system.

All going well so far -I've xAP Weather reports being announced "by
house" upon request, and also alerts being displayed on the TV for low
temperature warnings etc.

My next challenge is to try and control my Sonos music system, and was
wondering whether this would be possible via xAP? IS there such a

Also, I've emailed Kevin several times about this xAPPower application
for the CurrentCost device but he seems to have gone AWOL -I'd love to
get this integrated with Cortex also to record engergy usage.




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